“Morphogenesis” is the name of a sculpture series I started about twenty

years ago. Stone blocks and boulders of basalt and granite found in nature

transform, through changes in their surfaces and shapes, into something

biomorphic. They may evoke primordial plants, fruits, pine cones, mythic or

archaic animals, etc.                                                      
These sculptures are made in dimensions ranging from the small to the

huge. Whether installed as a single piece, a pair, or a group, the sculptures

turn into landmarks, involving the entire body and mind of the observer.
The pieces are manufactured in my studio in Germany or in other countries

and shipped to destination.


Albert Hettinger



We were fascinated by these lines; like an original piece of nature suddenly

coming to life, nature‘s birth written by the poetry and the hammer of Albert.

One can feel the perfection, look at it, receive it into his or her soul... and the

trip begins.

Poppy Salinger      Poppy and Pierre Salinger Foundation - France 2016



The execution of the work becomes a dissection, a peeling process achieving

the most diverse lines and edges that lead to a complete transformation of

the surface. The stone has, like a butterfly, left behind the larval state and now

reveals itself in new-found beauty and affectivity.

Beate Reifenscheid  Director, Ludwig Museum Koblenz