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Regardless of the material or the techniques he employs, the sculptures of Albert Hettinger

radiate an unmistakable grace and meditative, Zen-like stillness. The artist’s experiences in

Japan plainly enriched his form-language, but its underlying aesthetic was present from the

very start of his career. Whether he works in basalt, granite or steel, the sense of balance

and harmony is constant, expressed in ground-hugging forms, in richly modulated reliefs, in

steles that seem to bridge earth and sky, or in installations that display an airy lightness. In

his most characteristic sculptures, Hettinger seems to peel away superfluous layers to reveal

the unexpected beauty concealed within. Often he leaves sections of the finished piece in a

raw state, revealing even the boreholes through which an ancient material was wrested from

the quarry. This primordial quality is both emphasized and complemented by the elegant,

mirror-like surfaces that adjoin.

Hettinger’s exquisitely crafted works comprise an oeuvre of great authority and of a beauty

at once touching and timeless.

David Galloway  Critic / Curator 2016